What are the differences between culture and awareness in your language? My dad asked me this question and I took awhile to respond, What are the differences between culture and awareness? I told him awareness is a skill you have taken by dealing with people, something you are experiencing through your life in your failure and success, it's something more deepest than culture. 
Culture is something you gain it through books. 
After discussing that thing with my dad, i told him I will write it here to see different thoughts about that subject and I'm doing that right know. 
When I start writing alot thoughts came to my mind and I ask myself many questions, is there areally big deference between them? 
If your people in your country have one of them most is that will distribute to build a strong country? Or may lead to make you country lie in the hole death. 
May 2, 2019 6:29 PM
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Culture isn't only sth what we gain it through books. Culture is our way of life- our language, habits,  attitude, customs, books, religion, everything. It is a really good question and quite difficult at the same time. Because awareness is so similar. But maybe awareness is sth like  learning environment, influence the  environment on our attitude, life. 
May 2, 2019