I want to believe that there are some helpful users in this app. Right? If I said something wrong. I apologize all of you 
May 2, 2019 9:26 PM
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According to your profile you’ve joined Italki two days ago, so you can’t judge this site by two days experience. 

Be patient and BTW if you want to Hearn any language you can book a lesson or find a language partner who wants to learn your language. 

Best of luck

May 2, 2019
Your basic choices are to hire a teacher, exchange time with an English speaker who wants to practice Turkish, or practice with another English learner.  Good luck.
May 2, 2019
Yavuz, and please don't take votes seriously.

I said that most people writing to girls are idiots. But this is also natural because most people are idiots.

The same with voters: most of them are idiots. When you have many upvotes it means sthat some collection of idiots form diffeent countries like you. When you have downvotes they don't like you.
When you have upvotes in one time of the day and downvotes in another, then idiots form one country like you and idiots from another country do not like you.

Some voters aren't idiots, but as with peoele in general they are minority.

May 2, 2019
Yavuz, there are some.
A couple of days ago two native English speakers wrote here to offer help with Enlgish. It is a rare thing, likely they just registered, like you. 
Unfortunately, everyone is learning English but not everyone is speaking it. The demand for English speaking partners is MUCH above the supply and English speakers are flooded with messages from learners. Unfortunately many people (English speakers and English learners) whose profiles you find in "partner search" are either inactive or aren't looking for partners.  "Partner search" is a frustrating tool for male users:)
As for female users they are often flooded with messages from people who are much more interested in girls than in English (it is natural, by the way: why would young people be more interested in English than in the opposite sex?). So:

boys: no one answers to you.
girls: many people write to you but mostly idiots.

To find partners you must be creative. For example if you FULLY focus your efforts on helping with Turkish and learning some other langauge than English you will have more practice in English. 

I do communicate with both English speakers and people who speak very good English. I'm sincerely interested in helping with Russian but with beginners there will be some communication in English anyway. I try to use as much Russian as possible but....:-/
So I do have practice BECAUSE I don't need it.

Nada, he can't and he didn't. I can.
May 2, 2019
I don't judge the site. Even i don't judge people who are in this app.
Just i need to help all of you... 
I want to improve my English skills... 
May 2, 2019
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