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Are you visiting Turkey or Living in Turkey? Tell us your story in English or Turkish

There are too many people only seeking speaking partner in this forum and not enough interesting conversations. Share your story with us. Are you living in Turkey? Or will you be visiting Turkey? Use either English or Turkish (if you know) and tell us your story.

I'll start with myself:

Benim adım Gökberk. Ben Türk'üm ve 31 yaşındayım. iTalki'de hem Türkçe hem de İngilizce öğretiyorum. Ankara'da yaşıyorum. Bazen değişik ülkeleri ziyaret ediyorum. Fotoğraf çekmeyi çok seviyorum. Yaklaşık 15 senedir İngilizce ve 5 senedir Türkçe öğretiyorum. İşimi çok seviyorum ve her geçen gün daha iyi olmak istiyorum. Kendi internet sitem ve Youtube kanalım var. Eğer Türkçe öğrenmek istiyorsanız profilimden daha fazla bilgi edinebilirsiniz.

Gelecek sene Güney Kore'ye taşınmak istiyorum çünkü Korece'yi, Kore kültürünü ve Korelileri daha iyi tanımak istiyorum. Daha önce 1,5 sene Japonya'da kaldım ve çok sevdim. Her 2-3 senede bir Dünya'nın farklı bir ülkesinde yaşamak istiyorum.

Now, it's your turn :)

May 3, 2019 9:31 AM
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Benim çok kötü Türkçe yazı ya da yaziyorum.

Benin Adım John, Emekliyim iki yıldan beri. şoförum ikı yıl önçe yaptım. Benim ıçin Türkçe çok zor ama devam edeceğim. 

Türkiye'ye üç kere ziyaret etti, altı taksi kullandı, bu yaz çok saat için çünkü klavyeyim Ingıliz var ve Türk kelimler Ingılızceye değisir.

Bu yuzden şimdi duraçağim.

My name is John, a very bad Turkish text I write or I am writing. I am retired, two years previously I was a chauffeur/taxi driver. Turkish is very difficult for me but I keep trying. I have been to Turkey three times, I have used a taxi six times. Writing this on my keyboard has taken a long time because my keyboard is English and the Turkish words change to English. Because of this I will stop now.

May 3, 2019

In English:  I will make an effort to use what we call standard English and not use my London colloquial language. 

My name is John, I am retired, ( I have been retired for 2 years) (I have been retired since April 2017). 

I used to be a delivery driver, delivering parcels before retiring, I have also been a taxi driver, when I was taxi driver I preferred to work the night shift, because there was much more money to be earned at night, although I preferred to sleep at night, It was impossible to make a lot of money in central London during the day, because it used to take a long time to complete each journey, for which i was paid for by the distance and not the time. Back in those days it was common for taxi drivers to be forced to drive a little dangerously, to earn a "living wage" during the day in congested Cities. However there have been many changes in the law and increased penalties and fines have been introduced in Britain. Also drivers can now be penalised by "loosing their licence" having it taken away from them, much more easily than in the past, when it was easy to say to a judge "but I need to continue driving to feed my family". Now this excuse will not help a bad driver, if you are a bad driver you will have your licence removed even if it means you cannot feed your family. This has made taking a taxi safer for people and other innocent people.

I have been to Turkey Three times and taken about six taxi rides and although I was warned about the dangerous driving of Turkish taxi drivers. I did not think they were dangerous, possibly because they were just applying the same tactics I used to apply to move quickly through the traffic many years ago.

I have included a couple of daily expressions common In English for you and also include three ways to say I am retired. Language teachers and linguists like to debate about these structures but for daily communication people understand them as being the same.

May 3, 2019
Don't be shy. Even if your Turkish is not good, please share your experiences. You can also write in English if you like ;)
May 3, 2019