Have you ever read a book entitled " The Meaning of Human Existence " by Edward O. Wilson? A very thoughtful speculation on "the meaning of human existence", which the author sees in primarily evolutionary terms. His position is that we Homo Sapiens, who currently dominate the earthly biosphere, are the result of billions of years of natural selection, not the mythical creation of supernatural powers. Wilson holds no truck with religious explanations, and sees most religions as formerly useful forms of tribalism held over from earlier stages of human evolution. Those attached to "faith based" religion of any variety will inevitably reject this whole argument. But for those who,like me, cannot accept religious explanations of mankind, it is a powerful and persuasive argument.
This is a very beautiful statement written by him , he says " religion is regarded by common people as true, by wise as false, and by rulers as useful ."(p.149)
He means that religion is good for people , false for philosophers ( wise) , and useful for politicians ( rulers) because they use it as a powerful weapon to manipulate people's minds.

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May 3, 2019 8:31 PM