Ukelele chords/tabs for EASY Spanish kids songs?

Hi, I'm looking for beginning ukelele tabs or chords for children's songs in Spanish.  For example, in English very popular, classic children's songs are "row, row your boat", " twinkle twinkle Little star", "old MacDonald's farm"......   These are both easy lyrics and easy music to play.

So I'm looking to play whatever is popular in Spanish countries for children under 6 years of age. 

I've tried different search terms in Spanish, but I'm sure I'm getting the keywords wrong.  Can someone please either give me keywords, or point me to some songs and tabs?


May 4, 2019 12:12 AM
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Hello Lina, I´m learning Spanish guitar and I can find plenty of pages for guitar tabs, be that for songs in Spanish or English, or other languages. About the ukulele, unfortunately I don´t think it´s very used in music in Spanish (there are other small guitars used in traditional music), yet your question made me curious and I did this search on my browser in Spanish: "partituras para ukulele". I found mixed results and the pages I visited mostly have Hawaiian traditional songs or popular songs in English; but in this page you might find some of the songs you are looking for:

May 4, 2019