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I want to learn about quakerism Hi, everyone! This is Ana Laura, from Brazil. Recently I started reading about quakerism and it was love at first sight! I can’t stop thinking about joining a meeting for worship, but unfortunately there are no meetinghouses here in Brazil. I’m new here and as I’m around, can you guys help me out? Any books you recommend? I’m current reading Philip Gulley’s “Living the quaker way” and next on my list is Robert Lawrence Smith’s “A quaker book of wisdom”. I’ll try to follow quakers lifestyle and beliefs even though there’s no quakerism in Brazil (yet). Cheers!!
May 4, 2019 5:13 PM
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where I live was once a strong quaker area until the mid 1800's I am told that my surname has a strong global connection to all other quakers in America Canada and New Zealand. There are places named after quakers in my area like quaker street and friends house and Ames house. 

 They were called Quakers because the sermons were giving with passion where the person giving the sermon would often quake = old word for shake. Shakers now quakers then. Have values in life and codes to guide you but do not become over zealous and unreceptive to other people or ideas. 

Don't confuse quakers with puritans which were another religious  but different group that went from England to America. 

I wish you well. 

May 4, 2019