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Hi guys! Is there someone who wants to speak in English? I can help you with your Spanish :)

I really want to practice my speaking. At first, I felt very shy when talking on Skype because I did not have many resources, but I realized that other people want to do the same thing to practice, so I decided to do it. The only way to improve my speech is by speaking, but if you want to practice a Peruvian neutral Spanish, just send me a text message and I would like to help you. We can talk about anything. I'm thinking of visiting Canada someday, so if you're Canadian, I'd really love to talk with you; However, if you aren't, we can talk about your country. And someday maybe I would love visit your country too.

May 5, 2019 3:00 AM
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Hello Jenny, I would like to be your English partner :)

May 5, 2019
Hey jenny, I'm a native english speaker who can help you ^_^ I am also learning spanish so maybe we could practice both sometime?
May 5, 2019
Hi Jenny. I'm interested to talk in english. I learn english too; we can be prtner just send me a message if you want
May 5, 2019