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Hi everyone, Are you a youtube watcher type of person? I like to watch youtube and on the other hand I'am trying to listening to English as much as I can. So I am wondering what are english native speaker favorite youtube channel. Mine are Pewpew (lately), Tuan le Chuyên gia tư tình cảm,  Web5ngay, Hana Giang Anh, ....

Pewpew channel owner is a streamer, which is known as the first person starting streaming job in VietNam. He also acts as an life counseling on his channel. What I like about this guy are his sense of houmor, his view of life. But he swears a lot.

Tuan le is a love couch that I love most. He lives in American now.

Web5ngay is channel that teach you sell online and a lot of videos about teaching other skill like communicate, read effectively,...

Those channel is for element level Vietnamese learner

  I want to hear some recommends from you guys. I love those that are informative as well as funny. Thank in advance.

May 5, 2019 4:26 AM
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If you like comedy, Funny or Die is a rather popular channel.   

Personally, I follow a lot of travel vloggers like Jon Gross (Chile) and Wild We Roam (global).    A true pleasure to see all those new places, it keeps me motivated.

May 5, 2019