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Are there words like a woman doctor in your country? In Japan, there is a word, "医者(isya, a doctor)". Even though the one is male or female, you can call the one "医者(a doctor)" However, there are people who call a woman doctor "女医(joi, a woman doctor.)" A word, a man doctor doesn't exsist though. Do you have any examples like that in your language?
May 5, 2019 9:37 AM
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 If the doctor of gynecology was a woman, you will see the word, 女医 on the sign or their web site. It's often hard to make an appointment when you want. The gynecologic clinic with a female doctor is always full.
May 5, 2019
In poland it's actually intensive discourse about that. Here it started to be political topic. In opinion of common people it's often unpolite to call someone feminist way. There are some exeptions (nauczycielka - female teacher) which are not controversial now but generally it's considered to be grammaticaly incorrect. In exampl of doctor preffered form is Mrs. Doctor. Other forms in opinion of the people are unpolite and even rude or offensive. After reading Anastasias comment i see that it's the same situation in Polish and Russian. P.S. You know Miriam ... I think that term Krankenbruder sounds quite good. :-)
May 5, 2019

We also have such forms in Russian but just a few

учитель (male teacher) - учительница (female teacher)

писатель (male writer) - писательница (female writer)

By the way, right now the Russian language is experiencing co-called "feminization". Many words, especially types of occupation, are forced to have their "female twin". Those new words sound weird and kinda sloppy but, who knows, maybe they will become a part of our language in a couple of years.

May 5, 2019

Miriam, thank you so much.

But I think there is necessity in terms of language structure in German.

Talking about Japanese, in my opinion, there was possibilily that there were all male doctors in Japan befor and gradually female doctors began to exist, so female doctors were rare, that's why they called them "女医". But now there are a lot of male doctors and female doctors in Japan, and as I mentioned earlier, "医者" includs a male and a female doctor, so I think "女医" is kind of old Japanese(maybe a lot of Japanese people don't think so though).

May 5, 2019

Yes, in German, we often add a suffix for the female form:

Arzt (male doctor) - Ärztin (female doctor)

Lehrer (male teacher) - Lehrerin (female teacher)

Steward, Flugbegleiter (steward) - Stewardess, Flugbegleiterin (stewardess)

Sometimes we use different words

Krankenpfleger (male nurse)  - Krankenpflegerin, Krankenschwester (female nurse)

"Schwester" means "sister" but we don't have a male equivalent with "Bruder" (brother) like "Krankenbruder". 

May 5, 2019
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