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A question for people wanting to learn American English. What do you think is the most difficult thing about learning American English? What steps have you done to try to learn the language? How often do you study/practice? What materials do you use to practice/study English? 
May 5, 2019 1:57 PM
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I have difficulties with phrasal verbs. There are so many, they look alike and many of them have several meanings, and one meaning can have several phrasal verbs, and I don't know in which situations I should use one or another.
Also I have difficulties when I face to new English speaker, I need much time to adapt to him and start understanding the words which he say with his voice and manner of speach. 
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May 6, 2019
the most difficult part form me is speaking, there are so many words and a native spekaer talks so fast that is very hard try to undertand. 
May 5, 2019
That's true, shadowing is probably the best way to learn correct pronunciation, after time we feel better with our voice. Right now my english is far from perfect, my voice is trembling while speaking and my passive skills are beyond active ones. Practice makes perfect, it will take another few years to get some kind of accent, make language flawless be comfortable in every situation, just time. Consistency is much more important than just proper techniques, it's possible to speed things up by using correct techniques, perfect study plans though if u don't have fun, and u're not consistent every day it doesn't help in the end.
May 5, 2019
I usually suggest 'Learn English with Vanessa' Youtube channel. <a href=""></a> ;
May 9, 2019
For me the most difficult thing to understand movies, radio, native speakers. It sounds like waterfall, very fast, and it struggles my brain and makes me upset. And speaking of course is difficult too, but listeting, sometimes I even can not understand the meaning. I listen TEDtalk, 6-minute English.
May 5, 2019
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