How do you find "Comprehensive Input" level input

CORRECTION: the title should read "comprehensible input" .  I'm looking for materials that are challenging but understandable with a few reads or viewings . 

If you've used the apps (Mango Languages, Memrise, drops, etc), what types of comprehensible input would you use? I see Nordic crime dramas but these are way beyond my skill level. What types of reading material, music, or television would you recommend that might be kinda-understandable to someone about a year into studying?


May 5, 2019 3:39 PM
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At least in the US and Canada, the books are available and affordable.  Here is a link to some Oxford Bookworms at level 3 (1000-word level).


Some books are available as ebooks with audio recordings.

For easiest practice, listen to the book while reading.  Then listen again with the book closed.

For somewhat challenging practice, listen to the first few chapters of the book while reading.  Then listen to the rest of the story with the book closed.

For challenging practice, listen to the book.  Then read the book to check your understanding.  If you missed a lot, go back to listening and reading simultaneously.  If you missed very little, move up to a higher level.

Good luck!

May 5, 2019

Specialized graded (leveled) readers are written for this purpose.  They are easy books to help people learn English from the A1 to C1 levels.  The books range from short 1000-word stories that use a limited vocabualry of 200 common words to longer 15,000-word stories that use a vocabulary of 3000 common words.  Some of the books have an audio recording of the text and some of the books are available as ebooks.

In my English class for immigrants, my students read and listen to a book every day (about one small book a week).  We usually start at the 400-common-word vocabulary level and we move up a level every 4-5 books.  When my students reach the 2000-word vocabulary level, they usually find jobs and leave the class.

The Oxford Bookworms series has books from the 200-word to the 2500-word vocabulary level.  The Penguin Readers series has books from the 200-word to the 3000-word locabulary level.  The Oxford Progressive English Reader series has book from the 1000-word to the 5000-word vocabulary level.

Your local library may have a special section of graded readers.

May 5, 2019
Thanks. Geat ideas. In a coincidence, A coworker i recently found was born in Iceland and he has loaned me comic books from his childhood. I'm slowly reading Andrés Önd -- Donald Duck translated into Icelandic.
May 7, 2019
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