Adriana Da Silva
Professional Teacher
Cuando el verbo PASAR puede ser utilizado /The verb PASAR can be used in the following colloquial expressions

- Pasar de largo  When you go to a place without stopping and, in general, without looking at what is around "Ella paso de largo, y no me saludo".

- Pasarse de listo - Pasarse de vivo We use this phrase when a person act in a not very honest way or tries to deceive and take advantage of a situation but is discovered "No os paséis de listos"

- Pasarse lo que pase  In spite of what my happen "Pase lo que pase, estoy con vosotros".

- Pasar a mayores When a situation becomes more serious or important than it seemed "Esta problema paso a mayores"

May 5, 2019 7:55 PM