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Benefits that Skype provided me (Plus: English Natives or English Natives Spanish students vs English students

At first many people prefer to study english on his own, I did that too. But when I realized that I had learned enough to speak I needed a partner, but I didn't have anybody for practice. So I decided atend at a lenguage center to find parnerts and ask some question to my teachers. However, in class we didn't have enough time to practice and after  each class everyone went out to follow his lives. Until one day, during an outdoor activity I meet a woman British tourist and she said that we could practice by Skype. So we interchanged contacts and time later I had a first experience with my British partner using Skype. I realized that I needed so much practice with my speaking because I didn't use the English during my daily day so I needed improve my vocabulary, fluentcy and confidence. 

Also, I think is better to use a notebook  or "laptop" when I practice by Skype, because  it's more confortable. I can talk with my partner, i can listen to her accent clearly I can see how she moves her lips for pronunciation on dificult words and when I don't undertand anything I can write inmediatily or practicly at the same time that I am speaking. So we can get more out of time, I mean it'is not only Skype, it is Skype using a notebook.

However I only can practice with my partner once a week but I would like practice more because I have heard that to learn a new language people should have much practice I mean speak at least once a day.

That is the reason which I am looking for more partners by italki and those was the benefits that I found when I practice with my first partner by Skype using a notebook.

In my case I prefer practice with a native parnerts because they can correct to me at the same way that I can correct them when they want to learn Spanish, the Peruvian neutral Spanish. However, not always our times are the same and in this cases I practice with other students that want learn English like me.

If you are a native or English native Spanish student parnert that want to learn Spanish I would love practice with you. Canadians, Americans, British are wellcome. But if you aren't it doesn't matter we can practice and improve our English level  until we both can find a native who want learn and practice our language too.

If you are learning English Let me know What do you think about practice by Skype using a laptop? and What kind of parnert do you prefer?

May 7, 2019 7:54 AM
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hi Jenny. I would like to be your exchange language partner, follow my skype: live:clevertona4
May 7, 2019
i would like to learn english on skype if u are interested pls add me in your friend list
May 7, 2019