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Emphasis in Written chinese In latin based languages, you can emphasize certain words <em>or passages of text </em>by using italic, <em>just like this.

</em>What's your favourite way to emphasize text in chinese, since italic is not an option?

Looks like there are few ways. What's the most common one? Any help appreciated!

May 7, 2019 1:37 PM
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 hi, I am a Chinese, I think many people use the Block characters to show the emphasized words. 

like this:

normal words,普通文字;

emphasized words,强调的词;,

you guys use italic to emphasize. that's interesting! got a new point. haha 

June 3, 2019
Thanks Mei, I came to the same conclusion, but it’s great to get a confirmation, thank you!
June 3, 2019