Guilherme Graciano
Writing Club: Day 1
This is the Writing Club, a place where everyone can write an essay about a topic that will change daily. You can write about what you want and feel.

The topic of today is about a walk in the park.

This is not a competition, mistakes are welcome here.

My essay:
Early mornings, I like to walk in the park near my house. This morning was the perfect time to go to the park, because it was raining heavily. I like to run when it is raining: this makes me forget about my problems. It's just me and the sound and smell of rain. At this tiny moment in time, I am one with the rain.
May 8, 2019 1:59 AM
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I enjoy taking walks at the Mill Pond.
It is a simple park on the outside of my city.
A river flows through it.
The children have playground equipment to play on.
Couples hold hands as they walk.
Friends gather to share a meal.
The flowers grow.
It is a quiet place for people to enjoy a beautiful day.
May 8, 2019
I like walking in the park, it's like a little forest. When I lived in Moscow, in this big concrete box, full of smog and pollution, I often went to the nearest park. I think people put some trees in their cities for hiding from each others. Park remined me the forest from the place where I had grown. I spent a lot of time there, maybe that's why trees for me have a lot of adventages, they don't create this silly noise. When I was a kid, I had a little house on the tree where I hided sometimes from adults.
May 8, 2019