Jhony Ribeiro
My Tooth Fairy

This ain’t a fairy tale, this is a true story. One of the sweetest memories that I have.

Things were hard, really hard for us. Imagine you as a young woman, full of dreams, two kids to raise alone and almost the whole world against you. Well, this was my mother.

Since the beginning my mother raised us to be very strong, independent and knowing how the world really is, it was very practical and logical. But also we always had our magical moments.

At this time I was 7 years old and my sister 2. And for me, it was coming the time to exchange my milk-teeth to the permanent ones.

One day one of my milk-teeth had fallen, so my mother came to me and told me about the tooth fairy. She told me to put my tooth under my pillow before going to sleep, she said that the Tooth fairy would appear, taking my tooth and leave me a gift. So I did.

I remember on the next morning, waking up and seeing under my pillow. Do you guess what I’ve found? A half little-packet of “Halls” candy, nothing more than that, not even an entire packet, just half.

Years later, as a grown man I was thinking about this moment. As I told you, things were really hard for us, some days we could barely eat. I can imagine on that day my mother had nothing more than a half little-packet of “Halls” candy in the purse, she had all the excuses to do nothing, instead of she fought to make her son believe in magic.

You did it, mom! You made a kid and a man very happy, both of them believing in magic. And you’ll be always my tooth fairy.

May 8, 2019 12:37 PM
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Looks like Tooth fairy likes 'Halls'. :) 
May 8, 2019

Good story Jhony,

take care of your lovely mother now. 

May 8, 2019