In which italki version do you correct? And why do some correctors not highlight corrections?

I mainly correct in the italki app because I mainly use italki on my phone and I have fewer problems with the character limit in the app than on the website. If I correct on the website I use the classic one. But the problem is that not all corrections are shown in all versions. It could be that you cross out a word in one version but this correction doesn't show in another, so people might think that you didn't correct this word... So, now I'm not sure, in which version I should correct. If I correct in the app or in the classic version but the learner opens his entry in the beta version but not all corrections show then that's a problem... Any ideas?

Also, I wonder why some correctors don't highlight corrections by colour-coding or marking them as bold or using any other highlighting system. It's hard for learners to find the corrections if they aren't highlighted and some might not even bother to go looking for them.

May 9, 2019 1:29 PM
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Hm, I never tried to do it in the app. Maybe I should, correcting texts in the mobile version of the site turned out to be a rather masochistic experience.

By the way, I agree that highlighting is a great way to... well, highlight corrections, but I suppose some people don't have time to use colour-coding etc., plus maybe some don't have enough patience to deal with the character limit so they just give up on any kind of formatting... Not sure what other reasons could be, but it's not a very big problem anyway: there are plenty "compare two texts" websites on the internet.

May 9, 2019

I hardly ever correct in the app, because my fingers are too clumsy to position the cursor right at the position in the text I want to correct or highlight. I feel much more comfortable with a keyboard and a mouse. I haven't tried correcting in the new web version though (btw: Is it still "beta" or is it official by now?). I wasn't aware that some corrections from the "old" version are not visible in the new one. I still get feedback on most of my corrections.

And I agree with you concerning highlighting. When I see a correction without highlighting, my first thought is usually that nothing has been corrected at all - until I notice the first small difference between the original text and the correction.

May 9, 2019
Ok, I decided to mark words that should be deleted with brackets like this: [ ] and add an comment that it means they should be deleted. I will only use means of highlighting that are visible in all versions.
May 14, 2019

The problem is that the different platforms seem to work with different "dialects" of HTML tags which are not fully "understood" by the other platforms. For example, "strikethrough" is <strikethrough> in the classic version and <s> in the app and in the beta version. All of them understand <s>, but only the classic version can render <strikethrough> correctly.

As long as these incompatibilities persist, there is only one "solution": avoid the tags that are not understood by all platforms. I haven't had the time yet to examine which one these are.

May 20, 2019

@Miriam, ah, I see, so it still doesn't work for the app. Just great. So, to summarise:

1) Foreground colour coding from the classic and beta versions is not visible in the app;

2) The strike through from the classic version is not visible both in the app and the beta version;

3) The strike through from the beta version is not visible in the app;

4) The combination "underline+colour" from the beta version is not visible in the app.

Well I guess I'll just continue using the classic version then (I think most people use it too at the moment, though it's just a wild guess; but I don't like the beta version that much anyway, it's a little too white and empty to my taste). Maybe it makes sense to add notes saying something like "the correction was made in the classic version of the site, some formatting may be lost in the beta version or in the app", though I'm not sure people will pay attention to this. Tsk, as if it were not complicated enough because of the character limit!

@drasvi, да уж, действительно печаль :(

May 11, 2019
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