About modern family

Do you live in a non traditional unit? What are people's attitudes towards you.

What is your family like?

What do you think is important in a relationship?

Do you still live at home with your parents? If not, when did you leave home? What are your reasons for living at home now or leaving home at the age you did?

Do you believe in happy families for life? How do you think you can improve a relationship?

Do you come from a large or a small family? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of being part of these families.

What do you believe are the similarities and differences between generations in your family?

Thanks in advance.

My opinion in the notebook section.

May 9, 2019 4:10 PM
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Hola Juan, 

Pienso que es muy importante seguir conservando el núcleo de la sociedad es decir la familia, porque es lo que le permitirá seguir en paz y armonía a las actuales y futuras generaciones. Tener una familia que tenga más momentos felices es posible solo hay que disfrutar cada día de las pequeñas cosas.

May 9, 2019

Do I believe in happy families for life? I hope they exist. I think, partners need to respect each other and be like one team, the best friends, even if they hate each other rite now. Just be loyal if you chose this woman or man. I think it is hard work about relationships. It seems that better way to escape. Some couples cope with crises and become wiser and happier with age, even if they quarreled all life as a dog and a cat. 

May 9, 2019

I live with my auntie and my grandma but my dad is literally just a house away from me (his house is beside my grandma's house) so I don't really miss him. My family is very small if you're talking about immediate family such as my dad, my grandma and my auntie. It's just us but we only look like a big family because I live in a compound

compound in the Philippines refers to a cluster of houses (those belonging to extended family members) in an enclosure or in 1 big property. So we have a total of 5 houses all in all- my dad's bungalow, my grandma's house, my 1st grand uncle's house, my 2nd grand uncle's house and my uncle's house.

Honestly it's quite suffocating to live in a compound because I lack privacy and that's why I want to have my own condominium unit/apartment in the future. I'm a person who values space so I don't really enjoy my family's set up 

May 9, 2019

What about you?

Could you answer to all these questions?

May 10, 2019