Resourses, methods for studying languages All languages What resources, methods,  apps, movies could you reccomend for studying languages? 
All languages. Your way.  Your tips,  advices.  

As for me good works cases was:
1.creating a situation when you have no choice except start talk and know language. Like people around/work/other country when it's really important for you
2. Petrov,  Frankl, Pimsleur, Thomas methods to learn language 
3. Be in atmosphere and places where you listen and reading language most of the time. (I don't know is it works if you don't have any of basic knowledge)

May 14, 2019 7:44 PM
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I've chosen to buy a couple of good grammar book for understanding grammar rules at the begining my language learning. Then I decided to develop my language skills.
Watching grammar lesson and other conversation on youtube helps me to improve my listening skill
Reading out loud helps me with my reading and speaking skill
Answering questions here helps with my writing skills
May 14, 2019