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hi everyone ..

we all want to improve our english, so what about practice this activity…

this activity about one person will aske question and the next one will answer it and write another question for the next one…

(i hope you all will like it)<sup>_</sup>

I will begin and my question is..

(where are you from)???

Jul 17, 2008 5:16 PM
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Pass over the political issue, I think the Olympics have been very spectacular and well organised, the Chinese people has turned on them and this has been noticed. Still, I have left a bittersweet taste. 

My question is: Do you think who with Barak Obama the U.S. foreign policy will change much?
August 28, 2008
micheal phelps            cos he gets up 5:30 in the morning    which i will never do
my question is:
consider the girl who sang in the beging ceremony was only standing there, and the voice was belong to another girl who is not very cute,do you think our olympic game is a success?
August 27, 2008

I've read the book and seen the movie about ghandi, personally i got an opinion that the latter is more vivid than the former one. Though he's really a great person, he's not my hero. Haha, let me answer the question. Chinese leader Zhou Enlai fit the standard of hero of mine.Because as a hero, one can not only contribute to others a lot, but also live close to his people and let them feel that they were just like family members.
Next my question is :Who 's your favourite star? And do you like him or her just because their performance?

August 27, 2008
hi al-momari,
i'm sorry for the error on my part.
i misunderstood the instructions.
i will try to do better from now on.
so to answer the next question
about my favorite movie, i will say it is
"ghandi"starring ben kingsley because
history is my favorite subject and i admire
the mahatma ghandi as a historic figure.
now my question is 
who is your hero and why?
July 25, 2008
hi al-momari, it appears that larrykearney seems to be intentionally trying to sabotage your wonderful language group by making idiotic responses to simple questions without heeding the rules for all your topics!   i think we should start flagging him!  

i will  answer your question:  "i am an investor" okay now my question to the next person is "what's your favorite movie and why do you like it?"
July 24, 2008
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