Felipe Belcore
Learn mandarin with chinese movies

Hello, I'm mandarin learning and i found a good choice to learn mandarin and also a way to see how native speakers talk with other in normal day. There are many options of movies you can find on internet! I like a movie called 一个都不能少 (yi ge dou bu neng shao) in english Not one less, this movie is really interesting and have a great menssage. I also know other movie called Love in a puff, it was made in Hong Kong, also really good, this site you can know alot about chinese movies <a href="http://chinesemov.com/default.aspx">http://chinesemov.com/default.aspx</a>;. If you want to share knowledge about mandarin with me add me on skype (felippe_belcore) if you know more movies please advice me too. Good luck to you all.再见!

Sep 2, 2011 9:12 PM
Felipe Belcore
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