If you want to learn any language <em>What the best methods for learning languages?
If you have any opinion about learning language write it ,be helpfull,do not be that he or she loves her/his self.and rember that if you teach you will learn alot</em>
Aug 6, 2008 12:11 PM
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The New Concept is an excellent teaching material. It is also my opinion. You learn a language, where which is spoken. 
1. Writing
2. reading
August 7, 2008
for me a good way for learning a new language is also listening to songs in that language and after listening to it a lot you can try to write its lyrics and then translate it.
a good brazilian site that contains lots of lyrics is <a href=""></a>, u can find them by author, title or a piece fof the lyrics..
i hope it helps
August 7, 2008

A linguist wse asked this quastion how we learn a new language he said there are three things to learn  any language
1- reading
2- reading
3- reading
The reading also learn you the writing

August 7, 2008
I think it's helpfull if you make conversation with someone in another country, or talk with them, and find new friend.
August 7, 2008
Reciting maybe a better way to learn any language.At first,it will cost you a lot of time and spirit .But following that you will feel relax to learn the complex words and sentence.You should choose a suitable teaching material.According my experience,The New Concept is an excellent teaching material. whether is it suit able for you,you should try it.  Good luck.
August 7, 2008
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