<font color="#800080">Tell me lies and call me names
When you need I'm here to blame
Ignore me during my times of need
Live your life the way you please
Drink until you cannot stand
Refuse to let me hold your hand
When I need you, don't be there
Just act as if you do not care
Make those promises you cannot keep
Hide those secrets that haunt my sleep
Sneak around and "forget" to call
Cut me down and watch me fall
Make us seem like a big mistake
But there's only so much a girl can take
You never thought I was good enough
You sure miss me now; But that's just tough
Before you did the things above
Should've known your life without my love
Now you'll spend your life trying to find
Everything that you've left behind
For once boy, you'll cry real tears
While you reminisce on the past two years
But it's much too late to make things okay
Because it's in his arms I want to stay <3

Aug 24, 2008 10:35 PM