IELTS students and people who like to help out, please look at here~

Hi everyone, I am jiaqi, studying abroad in melbourne right now. originally from weihai, china. 


I am here because I know that some of us will need to take ielts exam. So I have an idea, we can schedule a time and we meet online. regarding to each speaking topic, we could type online to practice and receive some corrects.  And also we can talk about topics like culture and every espects that we are intrested in.   

If you have some other thoughs, please reply me, I will contact you ~~:)

Jul 18, 2013 5:13 AM
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Hi Allen, 

Thanks for your reply:)  

You will come to australia for study? This is great. I feel your english is better than me here.


As there is no others yet, We can use QQ instead of skype. If you have qq , you can add me. Mine is 554540018. 


July 18, 2013

I am highly interested in your proposal . I am planning to take a trip to Australia for IELTs learning in the future days . Before my departure , I hope I can reach  6.5 on average here. According to my tutor's evaluation , my level is approximately 6.0 to 6.5 on average .  I think efficient learning is bound to be based on regular schedule and focused topics on each lesson . Using Skype to link each other is accessible in my opinion. Hope to receive your response .

July 18, 2013