show your culture Hi, my friends,would you please say something about your country or your city,I'm really interested in it,Just do me a favor,say something,Thank you!
Sep 24, 2008 3:28 AM
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Hi, Andreea ,thank you for your intrduction,I think being misunderstood by others is really a terrible thing,especially when you are alive, I mean when you're raised to the skies,you would know nothing, actually I am an antitheist,hehe.When people know little about you,just like Dracula,maybe you can try to do something to impress others how you are,then correct them.This kind of things often happen in our daily lives,and we should learn to deal with these matters.
Well,thank you for your introduction,take care!
September 25, 2008
well,Michael,I'm a English learner too,and I'm not so sure but I think it means flying,Maybe someone else can show us the correct answer.
September 25, 2008
Hi,I am a English learner.(you can call me Michael)
what's "skying" means? 
September 25, 2008

Hi Joy i am Andreea from Romania and i will tell u something about my country. Here in Romania is the castle of Dracula .The local people and the tourists say it's a vampire. "Unfortunately" is not true but Dracula was a romanian emperor in Valachia ,the south part of the country and he used to kill people who were bad and put their heads at the entry of his kingdom. This thing made him so terrible, but in fact he was a brave and a noble man. This castle is at Bran, a mountain location which is good for skying and winter sports.

September 24, 2008