Is he/she the right person for me? Whats your opinion?

well well well... thats a taugh question dont you think so??
... A lot of people in this generation is trying to find for Mr.Right and Mrs. Right, however, they exactly dont know if that person is the one destined for them and many end up heart broken, and find themselves in a hopeless case. 

Some would set a very high standard as to who should be the prince charming and the lady of their dreams, some would even imagine the unreachables, and a lot are attracted to the physical appearance without even trying to be more familiar towards the other party. This generation (in my opinion) is much pretty focused on making their physical appearance look gorgeous and awesome just like those gorgeous creatures in the japanese anime, or disney shows like Barbie, Frozen and others.  We see a lot of people undergo surgery, and sometimes, we dont care about as long as they are beautiful and handsome. 

.... What kind of beauty are you actually looking for? Did you really fall inlove with that person but in the end broke up because you fall out of love?? ( this I dont believe, because when both are really inlove with each other, they will do everything in order to keep that bond strong and the passion to continue surpassing every obstacle along their way together).. or you thought that he/she is the right one for you because your heart suddenly skipped a bit and you can hear your heart beat beating so fast? or is it because both of you became best friends first and end up becoming a couple?? or ??????? ________________________________________

 Sharing your experiences to others about "love" can certainly help them to do what is supposed to be right or perhaps it may lead them to the opposite. But one thing is for sure, the feeling of being in love is beyond words could ever explain, that feeling that you know, forever ,that person is the one! :D 

Apr 14, 2014 1:52 PM
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Hey there,

I suggest you should watch this video. The video is from TED, called The brain in love by Helen Fisher.

<em>For the question What kind of beauty am I actually looking for?</em>

<em>I think I'm probably sapiosexual.</em>

April 14, 2014


    Well thought out essay  Dhannielle-Richelle

April 18, 2014

Hey there Luis! :) Thank you for sharing this video, this would be helpful not only for me but for the others too. 

April 14, 2014