Predictions about the year 2222!

In 2222, people will live amenites of life, things of state-of-the-art. Everyone will look great things, do seemingly impossible. However, people will meet many problems about environment, people's livelihood, health...And now, we will predict to accur in the future. About transportation, transport will become faster, safer...appear flying cars with different shapes and rich colors. People won't go by bus instead go by flying cars or subway. Subway in 2222 is different present, it use nuclear energy after many protest from people bacause its safety. Plane will become bigger and faster , can gain speed hypersonic that about 6000km/h. It can be continuous flight in a few days on the sky. Motorbike will disappear from the life, the street but it will exhibit in the museums. In term of technology, the computer will become smaller, smarter and cheaper, but it will be common because robots  can replace it to do everything. Robots in 2222 will be extremely intelligent. They may communicate with people, also can analyse some animals behavior, such as dogs, cats, birds ... Besides, the robot will replace almost everything which people had done century agos. It also can make people happy, appease when people cry. But, it can make unforeseen hazards when it will be broken or attacked, consequently it won't good choice for the elderly or kids. For environment, the Earth will be heating up, added 5 degrees since 2000. Natural phenomena is increasingly more and more than, desert is wider than while land is increasingly narrow. The atmosphere will be not fresh and everyone won't dare to go out. The clear water is increasingly scarce but people will succeed in doing clear water from sea water.

Apr 16, 2014 4:12 PM
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