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hye, i would like to know,when someone makes a mistake especially while speaking..

how do you feel?do you want to laugh or you feel natural??

Apr 19, 2014 2:46 AM
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I'm an Arab and you might know how difficult it is to learn Arabic so it's very easy to detect the native speaker from his first sentence but we actually love how foreign people pronounce Arabic words and we never make fun of them

April 19, 2014

If it is a funny mistake, I will laugh.  Any other mistake, it's not that important.  Try not to worry about what someone will think when you make a mistake.  Ask yourself, if someone was learning your language, and made a mistake while speaking to you, what would you think of it?

April 19, 2014

It is natural to make mistakes  while speaking .But sometimes I may laugh at others when they make a stupid mistake .I know it's rude and impolite to do so ,but I really cannot control myself.So if you make mistakes while speaking , don't care it too much even someone else laugh at you .Just take it easy .Everyone would make mistakes by accident.

April 19, 2014

when someone makes a mistake I'll tell her/him the correct one after the conversation, but if I don't realize the mistakes, that's no problem :D

April 19, 2014

if someelse makes a mistake,i think its normal so i wont pay any attention to it. if i make a misteke, i feel embarassed for a while. however, its not necessary at all! no one cares about u expect yourself. but dont do something wrong in important place.

April 19, 2014
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