How to choose what clothes that looks best on you?

Like seriously. I want to start to improve my dress sense. Most of the time when I choose a t-shirt I like, my parents right away disapprove of it in a condescending manner. I am a guy who is tired of not having the choice to choose what I wear. The clothing choices I make will be appropriate, but I myself want to make decisions on what looks best on myself, rather than my parents. I also bought a book from the library on how taste is developed. However, that book is general and I can't find any articles that match with the things I am looking for. I am 17 years old and I don't want my parents to do decide what I must wear to meet up with their standards. I just hope that I can get some answers or guidelines in which I can work by.

Apr 19, 2014 10:26 PM
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everyone has different taste

just choose chlothes which you like

April 20, 2014

Sometimes I also worry about give the right of decision to others but sense is not good as well.

I would take others suggestion.

I think it is weird that I would wear all green color without any suggestions or over exaggerating bell bottom. Taking others suggestions that are another thing tho I think that is worth to accept it if

you see their style is really better. I dont know how to say the process that I find

but interesting for me.

April 20, 2014

In my humble opinion, I think I will choose clothes which I like it firstly and secondly others (parents, friends,..) like it too. However I suggest you to look at fashion magazine more often or look at those people who has a good-looking, because a good outfit also makes someone become more good-looking than others..


April 20, 2014
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