How to improve oral English?

I'm trying to improve my oral English. I often watch the English TV programs. But each time when I  talk to others, it's hard for me to speak smoothly. Is there any good way to improve it?

Apr 21, 2014 3:50 AM
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First things first, English is a slower spoken language. Yes, people speak quickly, but that is a certaim slang they have developed. Take your time when conversing with someone else. I am a native speaker from America and even other Americans have trouble sometimes understanding me because I've developed a certain slang. I have what you call a southern slang. I talk fast and slur my words. You are from china so you probably speak quick, like myself. Speaking fast English can sometimes sound like blah blah, but also remember that you are a beginner and it takes time to develop that fluent speaking ability. You just need to make sure you pronounce words correctly and open your mouth very wide when speaking in English because a person with a tight gap between his/her teeth can have problems conversing accurately. Once you master what I told you, you will thank me. 

April 21, 2014

Thanks for all your answers for me. They're useful. I'll practice more as you told me. Thank you again.

April 21, 2014

Welcome Swim ..


" The more you do it ,the better you become "


No thing comes easliy,You must be patient.


You must know your strong points,if you like reading

you should read more and more ,if you like watching movies

you should watch alot .



all things will come with a little time when you believe :)


Be patient and optimistic

April 21, 2014

You are welcome and good luck on your English journey!

April 21, 2014



 I usually work with song and nursery rhymes for a start.


The I work with the most common English words.


   The last part is  advanced English with reading of essays.   I usually do reading and invite the student to repeat after me.  My notebook entries contain some examples of the materials I work with.



April 21, 2014