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Beautiful Memory . . .

Do you keep things that make you remember beautiful memories that happened to you before ?

When I was young at school, I was so smart kid,
So, I got alot of signed money from my teachers, and some beautiful cards too,
I still have them until now,
they make me remember some of the beautiful memories in my life,

So, What about you ?
Do you have things like that ?
Tell me about them, & share the beautiful memories with us,

Apr 21, 2014 6:57 PM
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I love to keep sign of meaningful moments of my life. 

I'd like to share one. When I met my husband many years ago he gave me the key of his flat. Now that lock and even door doesn't exist anymore but I still keep that key as first present of my husband, as a symbol of our love. 

April 28, 2014

When i graduated high the shool , at our prom my teacher from primary school gifted every pupils a few memory .There was a leaf of paper which was written how every made up yourself over ten years on.this we had written when were little .it was funny read over many years.And a photo each with teacher.

April 22, 2014