It is a game to say thank you ten.

Do you say in five minutes or less thank you 10 that was in the today?
Ready go!!!!!
By the way, I could not.

1.Thank you for me a candy gently when it is boiled down at work.
2.Thank you. sending morning what me need.
3.Thank you for us people care always.
4.Thank you for the time you are talking while eating lunch together.
5.Thank you. felt the spring in sunny during the day.
6.Thank you to the artists and music that will heal every day.
7.Thank you. postman us to collect the mail.
8.Thank you for the food!
9.A long time ago,My friend is my birthday present gave stuffed Totoro. I have been healed yet. Thank you.
10.People who look at this discussion, thank you people who participated.

Apr 22, 2014 1:15 PM