Do you believe what newspapers tell you?

I've been reading newspapers for a couple of years. I'm becoming more and more suspicious of what newspapers ( written in either English or Chinese) tell me. Do you believe there exists a newspaper that is 100 percent objective? For me, the answer is negative. The Economist is VERY subjective and biased against some counties. American newspapers look very objective, but still hold hatred toward some countries. How do you feel about it?

Apr 22, 2014 10:39 PM
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No, never. Not believe newspapers, magazines, mass media in general. The main object of mass media is to creat a brain washed sheep. Sound hard but this is the truth. 

April 23, 2014

Joy, you have truly attained wisdom at a  young age. Always look for the small articles buried at the back of newspapers for the truly interesting facts. The front page story are just for emotion.

April 23, 2014

All the media I've ever seen in my life is subjective. Medias are private companies. Private companies are owned by people which have their own political agenda. 


It's best not to read the news too much, but if you intend on doing so, I think the best way to read is to grasp only the facts, and try to filter the opinions out, though that is almost impossible to do.

April 23, 2014



 I am not certain  that American papers show a "hatred"; but I will say this.


    The papers  (as well as other news media such as TV)  tend to show a mix

of truth / objective reporting.


    For example,  in the USA,   certain   figures  are always quoted as though they were representative of a  particular segment of the population, even though I know there must be better spokespersons.


    So what we see in  what is called  "the news" is something like a kind  of   Puppet Show.

We are supposed to believe that we see as real, except  it is difficult  for me to believe that the dialogue is real. 


  This is also apparent in the popular Talk Radio programs.   The conservatives are popular; but I think that they are not there  to represent, you know,  "the people". They are talking so that

"the people" will not have a voice that is ever really heard. So,  yeah, it is  a  "Puppet Show".





April 22, 2014

If your talking about America the NO they lie, but I mean what you do? Haha some governments are corrupt. 

April 23, 2014
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