Take a short vocation and just go...

I am not feeling good at the office. And I have planned for a long time to go out. There is always stuff to make some delay and interruput.

Sometimes you jusr know that departuring ASAP and stop waiting. Once you make a decision than the airplane and submit the leave application. For the whole plan, almost half have be down.

I finally do this for myself and I really look for forward to this short trip. I will arrive in Chiang Mai at 10th May and stay there for four days.


A new start ......

Apr 23, 2014 2:02 AM
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haha, 祝你旅途愉快!

April 23, 2014

Quite agree with you.

As a Office workers we have to do the same thing day by day.In fact, sometimes I even sit in front of the computer for a whole day, and then the end my daily work. It's so boring! 

I like to travel. And I think in our lifetime there must be three rewarding trips. one is traveling alone. second travel with your lover. Last is with the whole family.

Wish you a happy holiday!

April 23, 2014


  Have a pleasant vacation Mere.

April 23, 2014