The hrdest Choice

Are you the man who can face the chanllenge with enough courage?what is the hardest choice you made before? 你是个有勇气的人吗?你以前做的最难的选择是什么?

Apr 23, 2014 9:32 AM
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Bruce, I had ever been to profound. I agree with that is profound, I dont know how is it deep.

Indeed, I am back. So law is very useful for me but I wonder something like others can smell my death smell. I mean that we also can find something consciousness from negative side and that is a natural person who never enter in it. But I am sure that they lack something. I think judge in my country

they want to find answer from my death smell. I even went to more deep profound on purpose.

I think there are basical topic like three basical topic of western philosophy. You know the topic deoxygenate from phenomenon. It seem that are topics many people would pass by acutally.

So there are from negative side. I found something but can not describe but such kind of people can smell it. I had ever pushed them back but still wonder how is it? and the process is not very pretty.

But I can not go to bright side, also I know what is the concept of hope. Like today, I saw that lost.

but it is not necessary for me. So I need to built strong reasons to live. And I envy western have great philosopher deal with it to be a kind of culture. Chinese have their own daolism but I worry about they can not enjoy live finally to influence economy as well.

April 23, 2014

I think every choice that is base on basical question- live or die---DIDI


  That is profound.  I agree wholeheartedly.  I don't know if any one can address the issue more succinctly than that.


 My own person experience,  in regard to my "Hardest Choice" was exactly that way.


 I  faced a challenge as to whether I wanted to "live" or to "die". I chose to live, and  I have not regretted that choice. Life can be good, if you know how to live it.

April 23, 2014

I think I am shillyshally about it but I understand to fight excitingly in chanllenge with courage.

I think every choice that is base on basical question- live or die

I just see some sins happening but you know I am a half sinner who cross right and wrong

when I studied law, I knew it on my mind deeply.

I think sometimes I do something justice then I enjoy the joy of good willness

basically sometimes I were pushed then only know to run ahead without my will.

I just want to say that the process is exciting after running through all

April 23, 2014