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What do you think about the end of serial How you met your mother.

Do you like the end of serial How i met you mother ? How do you think can the serial have another end?To me it is good that serial take after on our real life because nothing  can  turn out how we want.But of course it was sadly when Barney and Robin broke up  because i wanted  that they will get together back in the end and will had adopted a children but this did not happen though.To me was offensively when happened the same situation ,was  chosen Don however in the situation with Barney she decided divorce.and of course was unexpectedly when his wife that turned up in serial recently had died .My brother did not watch the end of serial because he said that do not want to spoil the impression from the serial .He suggests that not point in such ending of comedy serial.But he often review some old series and hopes that will be issued another end.To me like more Barney because he make light to his life ,often drag into quarrel,hunting for girl and it is funny see when he fell in love with Robin .

Apr 23, 2014 12:25 PM
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Have somebody seen the end of the serials?

April 26, 2014