why do you learn Chinese?

you want to learn chinese for work or intrest?
what do you think chinese civilization?
talk about china in your eye. chinese food, chinese movie ......

Apr 23, 2014 12:49 PM
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Although I am not currently learning Chinese, it would definitely be in my top 3 if I ever manage to achieve some fluency in Japanese and Russian. I think China has a very rich and interesting history. I am currently learning about my own country's early (~500 AD) history by reading the accounts of Chinese visitors like Xuan Zang and Fa Xian.

April 23, 2014

I started learning Chinese whilst at University (many years ago!) I was going to martial arts classes and one of my teachers was Chinese. He couldn't speak English so only taught us in Chinese. This is what first got me interested. A friend of mine was married to a chinese woman, so she helped me with my spoken language a lot. She then moved back to China and I stopped learning as I didn't have anyone to practce with. I've just started getting back into leaning again now. Chinese culture to me seems very complex, as there is so much history to it. Why are you learning English?

April 23, 2014