Which places should I visit in Brazil?

So, I'm planning to go to Brazil this year maybe December and i would like to know, where should i go to? Somewhere interesting and non turistic place i wanna be a traveller not a tourist, i wanna know the local life, culture, natural wonders, etc. I will really appreciate your suggestions. :) 

Apr 23, 2014 3:03 PM
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Rio de Janeiro is a big "touristic" city, but it has its reasons: It is a marvellous city. The beaches, the night life and the historical meaning that it has for Brazil. I think that even if you don't like this "atmosphere" of touristical places, it is worth a try.

São Paulo is not that touristical. It has a great night life, cultural attractions, not as many historical attractions and natural wonders as Rio. Here you're gonna see the city "working" and having some fun after the working hours.


That's the top cities, but there is other great ones...I'll leave for others to talk about it...




April 23, 2014

Go to Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte, and you'll appreciate a good climate and beautiful beaches. Ceará is a good option, too. There are a lot of beautiful landscapes. Such cities are in Northeast, which is the region with a peculiar culture, with a variety of food, music, happy people etc.

Rio is the most visited city, but, in my opinion, you can enjoy it for 2 days and go to another place. Rio is beautiful, but we should be realistic: there are a lot of problems including for foreigners.

São Paulo doesn't deserve a tour at all unless you like to visit museum, restaurante, theater etc. There is a rich place for such kind of tourism.

Brasília has a beautiful architecture, if you are interested in it.

South has the best quality of life of the country which contributes for a good tourism. Also, in south you can go fast to visit other countries, like Argentina.

April 23, 2014

Hi Alex!

So, traveling here in Brazil is a little different than traveling through Europe.

We have just three ways to go from one city to another: bus, airplane and car. Then as Brazil is huge, sometimes you have time but you don't have way to go or vice versa. So, you should plan your trip in relation to time.

Here you can find a little bit of everything to visit as beaches, historical tourism, waterfalls and ecotourism. But, sometimes the displacement between cities is complicated, i.e, it takes too much time.

So leaving all aside, let's go to what interests you, I'm going to tell you my experiences.

I was in the Amazon for one week, it's an amazing place to visit! You'll find some tourists but not so much as Rio de Janeiro. There, you can visit indigenous village, walk through the Amazon forest and know the local life. Near the capital Manaus, there's a city where you can find a lot of waterfalls, but it's necessary to rent a car.

If you want to do ecotourism and radical sports, there're some cities you can visit as Bonito (state of Mato Grosso do Sul) and Brotas (state of São Paulo).

In the state of Rio de Janeiro, you can visit other cities as Paraty (to know local life), Angra dos Reis e Arraial do Cabo to relax and enjoy the beaches.

In the north, you can find warm water beaches. I think that all beaches are beatiful. I visited the city Natal, there you can practice diving and visit the sand dunes.

In the south, the beaches with fresh water, but it's good for swimming and surfing as Florianópolis. It's a region of European descendants, so you can find typical food too.

In brief, there're a lot of places to visit, it's difficult to choose one or other. If you want more information about something specific, don't worry to ask and good luck! Ps: I apologize for the mistakes in English

April 23, 2014
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