Indicative vs. Subjunctive and Imperative

Hey folks, I was just wondering if anyone knew the statistical breakdown (or just wanted to guess) at what percent of Spanish conversation takes place in the subjunctive. I'm going to learn it soon, but I really want to master the indicative forms before I jump into it. It seems in my conversations I can say most of what I want to while avoiding it, but wondered if anyone had any percentages to back that up. 




Apr 24, 2014 3:23 AM
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I agree with you, first you need to master the indicative forms and then progress to the subjunctive forms. You really do need to learn the subjunctive to be able express yourself well in Spanish. It is possible to get by with out it, but you will not sound natural. It is used a lot, but concentrate as you have said on the indicative and then move on to the subjunctive as it is a complicated subject for native English speakers.

April 24, 2014