Could you help me to answer the follow questions?

I think most of us washed about once a week; in winter, we used to, it was a mark of a gentleman as well that, and being tough and hard, that you didn't wear an overcoat so this meant that in winter we would pull our clothes off and the whole lot came off, shirt, several pullovers and vests and they all came off in one go.



1. What's the function of "and being tough and hard" in this paragraph?

2. What's the meaning of "lot"?

3. What's the meaning of "in one go"?

4. What's the meaning of this paragraph, especially the parts of highlight?

Thanks for your answer!

Apr 24, 2014 11:14 AM
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If you were "tough and hard", you would not feel the extremes of climate. In this case, the writer is pretending that he does not feel the cold.


The whole "lot" means all the clothes came off at once. Have you ever had multiple layers of clothing that you have pulled off over your head ? All the clothes tend to cling together and come off as a whole.


"in one go" -- you pull all your upper clothes off in one action. So multiple layers come off together.


The writer is talking about the bathing and clothing habits of gentlemen in a past winter.

April 24, 2014