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What Do You Think of This Season of Game of Thrones? (TV show discussion, no spoilers from the books, please)

Only read this if you have already watched season 1-3 and the first three episodes of season 4. And please don't spoiler stuff from the books whatsoever. I've personally read the books but many people who just wants to talk about the show probably haven't yet. 

For me, April means spring's here and Game of Thrones's back to the battlefield! I love the show, what about you?. 


We've had three episodes so far and man, I've enjoyed every single one of them! We got the first one, what an amazing season premiere that was. We couldn't wait for episode 2 and then the so-called Purple Wedding happened... That moment everyone was waiting for... haha

The last episode was just brilliant and my favourite so far. The acting was just delightful, the visuals again were sumptuos as always and the stoires couldn't be more suprising. 


As for this season, my favourites characters are Olenna the Queen of Thornes, Brienne and Tyrion. I love to hate Cersei and Sansa's storyline is going to be significant this season too!


In a nutshell, Game of Thrones is so sexy, violent, witty, emotionally devasting and visually spectacular that I'm just counting down the hours for next episode on Sunday. 






Apr 25, 2014 6:47 PM
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Hello GOT lovers!

I must tell that I wasn't a big fan of the GOT at first. I started watching the show because of Sean Bean. I loved the scenery, everything was really well made - special effects, costumes, and of course I loved almost all the characters. When they decapitated Ned, I was like - What to hell has just happened!? I was shocked. I mean, they killed my number one character, they killed Sharp! (Sharp is a tv show I watched when I was little, and S.Bean played the main role). Then I didn't want to watch it. I just stopped.
But a few days ago, I continued. And I’m glad I did that. And again, I was impressed by the scenery. Dubrovnik is my favourite location, but I love other places too. Since I’m a big fan of fantasy, dragons, witches, zombies really get me curious to continue with this show.
Once again I was shocked by the way Rob & others were killed.
Joffrey is something special. I don’t know if I ever hated any caracter as much as I hated him. He deserved a different kind of death, the way he died just wasn’t satisfactory for some fans I think. It was too quick for such a monster 
I’m a big fan of Daenerys and her crew. She’s such a cutie, I was so sad when Drogo (the most handsome man in the show) died. We could learn a lot from Daenerys.
One of my favorite persons is Tyrion, I hope nothing bad will happen to him 
I could talk about every caracter separately, but it would be too much I think.
To conclude, I can’t wait for the new epidsodes! Show must go on! 


April 26, 2014

My favourites characters are Sansa , Jon and Jaime.

I don't like Tywen and Cersei as people, but they are  very strong characters. 

I like Bran , he's very touching.

I have never liked Ned. All his family's troubles are because of

 his stupidity. 

I liked Peter Dinklage's Tyrion very much , but reading book spoilt all my imagination of this character - he was very improved in the serial.

 I am also interested in Baelish's storyline , when it became common with Sansa's.


April 26, 2014

First of all, when i have seen The game of Thrones have not fascinated because there are many violence,blood,rape but i continued watch up to two season after wanted not want on when i started watch three one  ,it became interesting to me.To me have advised watch this serial my brother .He said that after watching all series that were ,started to hear a audio book .My favorites characters is Tyrion, Arya.

April 26, 2014
I've enjoyed the last episode too, sex rape, violent, emotionally and lovely scenes. The best episode so far in this season.
I'll never like Sansa, she is too effeminate. I don't like Cersei but either don't hate her.
In the episode 3, Tywin Lannister was the charater that I like the most :) I also like Podrick, against all self-interest, he is bound to Tyrion by love and admiration, and won’t betray him even though it could mean his own death.
Your brother was not a wise king. Your brother was not a good king. If he had been, perhaps he'd still be alive.” unquote.
The best moment in the episode so far for me is the end of the episode, when Daenerys shows her true wisdom as a ruler by using her words as a weapon against the city. Directly addressing the slaves by saying she has come here to liberate them, she then uses her siege engines to send a symbolic message as barrel after barrel of broken chains is lobbed in to the city. It made me can't wait to watch the next episode on Sunday.

April 26, 2014

Time flies... today's episode n.5!

May 4, 2014
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