modern earphones

Hey everybody. Have you ever think about earphones, which could provide filtered sound to you? Just imagine you are in a cinema, and you are watching film. It goes in your country language. But, its not rare to want to listen the film in other langauge, in instance, you learn. Why couldn't the film go in several languages in parallel, and you take the earphones, or headphones if you like, and set the language you want by choising in device menu. So the device filters sound and gives you only sound wave you wanted! Or, another example, you with your friend are in a subway. And too noisy, you can't speak. You wear such earphones and they filter the hight waves and give you low instead. You can speak and clearly hear your opponent now, without train noice.

What do you think about? Is it really? How long we need wait for such device?


ps. it would be nice to see here your corrections of my text :)

Apr 26, 2014 5:57 PM