Patty K.
Learning new languages.

When you are beginning to learn a new language and you listen for example a native speaker of whatever language probably that you are learning. You say " They speak too fast and I can't understand what about they are speaking"

It happen to me all the time with the languages I'm studying. =(

Apr 27, 2014 3:25 AM
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Hi Patricia,

What is your method of learning a language?: Do you write? Do you have someone to talk to? Do you watch TV? Read books? I can see you are learning English, German and French, what language do you want to learn first?

My opinion is that Spanish native speakers are very fast “rapido”, but then again I’m not learning Spanish. I wish I could off course. I myself am reading English as fast and articulate as possible and try to find a balance. Till I find the words I never heard before, look it up in a translation program, but the pronunciation is always too digital and dry, no emotion. I’m not satisfied till I find a movie or watch television were that particular word is said and how it’s used. Because if I want to speak another language I have to know what kind of feeling there is towards that word. Maybe it’s something natives don’t use in a conversation with friends, I must know how and where I can speak in that manner. I found out English is a very intuitive language, were speakers can bend a little and is good to express yourself, so dynamic.

April 27, 2014

you need be patient and tell to your teachers to speak more slow...allways someone tell me for I repeat  I try talk more slow

April 27, 2014

I really understand how you feel. My English level is intermediate. Watching a drama, while I might not understand at all what speakers say, I often understand clearly. Such moment will be builded up continuously. Hehe, this is one of steps I'll get through. :)   

May 3, 2014

For me, it is usually that my vocabulary is too small.  When people speak words that I know, I can almost always understand, but when they use words I do not understand, then it is harder.  If they speak slower then I can repeat the words I don't know and ask what it means.  But it is hard to be a beginner.

May 3, 2014

I agree with you altini when she get more advance she will understand probably the person allways talk in same rhythm and will more more easy

May 2, 2014
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