Spanish (Latin American) language cooking shows?


Estoy estudiando español y me encanta los programas de cocina!


(I am typing the rest in English because it would take a long time to write this in Spanish!)


I am a big fan of cooking so I love Masterchef and Top Chef. I have already watched them in their English versions (for Australia, US, Canada, etc...) and since I am studying Spanish through immersion at home (while in an English-speaking country) I am only watching Spanish language television!


I would really like to find some more *Latin American* Spanish language shows to watch. I am currently watching Argentina's Masterchef, but since it's new there are only 3 episodes. 


Does anyone have any suggestions for other cooking shows? 


I am looking for Latin American Spanish shows. Spain has their own Masterchef and TopChef which I can watch, but their accent is more difficult for me to understand right now. 





Apr 27, 2014 5:33 AM
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Hi Rosie!!!!

If you like, we will help on our language. I'm a spanish speaker, from Paraguay, South America.





May 12, 2014

What about these website, here you can found some latinamerican dishes: 

The videos that start with one specific recipe is cause are many other related videos :) I hope is useful for you






May 10, 2014
April 28, 2014
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