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Poem of the day - شعر اليوم

وعدتك ان لا احبك ثم امام القرار الكبير ... جبنت 
وعدتك ان لا اعود ... وعدت 
وان لا اموت اشتياقا ً ... ومت 
وعدتك ان لا اقول بعينيك شعرا ً ... وقلت 
وعدتك ان لا اكون ضعيفا ً ... وكنت 
...فلا تأخذيني على محمل الجد 
مهما غضبت ... مهما انفعلت .. مهما اشتعلت .. مهما انطفأت 
لقد كنت اكذب من شدة الصدق والحمدلله اني كذبت 

Apr 28, 2014 3:52 AM
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هذه القصيدة جميلة جداً

April 28, 2014

Thank you for sharing this Great Poem of sensitive meanings ..

I also would like to share a translation that i made to help others konw the meanings 

I hope every body like it .. 


I had promised, not to love you, but when it came to a hard decision; i was coward
I have promised, not to come back; then i came back
And not to yearn to death; then i yearned
I have promised, not to write a poetry for your eyes; then i wrote
I have promised, not to be weak; then i was
So, don't take it seriously with me ..
Whatever i got angry, got excited, ignited or was extinguished;
I had been lying due to the intensity of honesty, and Praise be to Allah (Alhamdulillah) that i lied ..



Best Regards,

Mohamed Nadir

Arabic Teacher

April 29, 2014

nice poem

April 28, 2014

.نزار قباني هو واحد من الشعراء العرب أنا أحب

.أعتقد أن نزار هو الشاعر الحب و المرأة بلا منازع

April 28, 2014

شكرا لك على القصيدة وشكرا لمحمد نذير على الترجمة

May 2, 2014