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What do you think about use a curler,straightener,dryer?

How often you use various instruments for your hair such as curler,straightener,dryer?I myself two years ago ,wanted buyed straightener because i had a little curled hair and had advised to me do a bang but that she looks neatly according was staightened when i had bought the staightener ,i came to my home ,hurrying turned it on but eventually it was awfully ,hair protruded out of all  side   looks like a straw.Curling i very often used to give in the hire  my friend,her suite curl hair only the form of hair keep bad .Approiximately so easy,you now can alter your apperance views so all is  eleborated  if you have  thinked back and want  back to your old haircut mostly cook it  up is very simply.From my point of view ,all the funds spoil and dry your hair ,we can get dandruff and if anybody can do without them get better the state of your hair.

Apr 28, 2014 9:54 AM