The social softwares and websites is helpful or harmful to you real social activities?

There are quite a lot of social softwares and websites on the internet like QQ, Wechat and renren website in China ,twitter and facebook in other countries.You will find it has been a part of our lives to use social softwares and websites.They help us to keep in touch with our friends make new friends and know what 's happening in the little environment you live.Many people will feel uncomfortable or even cannot live without them.So, I wonder whether the social softwares and websites are helpful or harmful to our realistic social lives?

Apr 29, 2014 1:19 AM
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Of course , it is a surrogate of alive communication or conversation.


People continue to lose skills of alive conversation and real life or life in reality.


People started living in virtual life. Virtual life is absolutely empty waste of time.

April 29, 2014