Is there anybody like Formula 1?

Formula 1 is a very exciting sports, and I have been loved it for 10 years. So if you are a Formula 1 fan too, please contact me. I believe we have a lot to talk.

Apr 29, 2014 7:50 AM
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Hi, Bruce:


Thanks for your comment. I saw that film, too. I was very glad to see Niki Lauda at F1 ShangHai Grand Prix two weeks ago. He is one of lengendary drivers who devoted their lives to this exciting sports. He is still active in F1.


But I like Michael Schumacher the most, because he was the one who took me to this unpopular sport in China. At that time, I was just a little girl. He is the reason keeping me moving forward.


If there are anything wrong in my words, I will be thankful if you could point them out.

April 29, 2014

hello Magic May:


 I am not a strong fan, but I took great delight in the film  "RUSH"   (2013) about the competition in 1976  between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.  At the time I was involved with other things in life, but the movie portray of the events,and the other videos about that season  on the Internet are absolutely fascinating.   Lauda,  was a giant among men. His overcoming of adversity in the face of great physical pain is one of the great inspirational stories in human experience.

 James Hunt was a powerfully driven man in his own right.


   I admire  Niki Lauda the most.  All of the drivers in that season feared the Nürburgring Race Track, because it was a death trap. The track was destined to be entirely rebuilt  as I recall, for the following season.  Because of rain,  Niki Lauda proposed that the Drivers abandon that race. They  generally voted to race in the rain. The end result was the fiery crash that nearly cost Niki Lauda his life.  He raced again in a few weeks, still suffering from horrific burn injuries.  It is one of the most incredible stories pertaining to Formula One  racing.


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April 29, 2014