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7 most common uses of capital letters with examples

Here are the 7 most common uses of capital letters with examples.  Please ask questions and add your own examples in the comments below.


1. English sentences always begin with a capital letter:

    a) The cat sat on the mat.

    b) Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived a happy family.

    c) How long does it take to travel from Manchester to Liverpool?


2. The personal pronoun "I" is always written with a capital letter, wherever in a sentence it comes:

    a) I like going swimming.

    b) Sarah and I are best friends.

    c) Mark is arriving by car and I am getting there by train.


3. Names of people and places (planets and stars can be considered as places):

    a) My name is Kirsty.

    b) I come from Edinburgh.

    c) Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.


4. Titles:

    a) Mrs Baines met Mr Green yesterday.

    b) Dr Bennett is a very good doctor.

    c) The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of that company retired last year.


5. Days, months and public holidays:

    a) Did you have a nice Easter?

    b) I will see you on Thursday.

    c) April was a fantastic month.


6. Nationalities and regions, languages, religions and ethnic groups:

    a) I come from Scotland am Scottish.

    b) Have you been to Asia or Australasia before?

    c) I speak English fluently and also a little Mandarin Chinese.


7. Titles of brands, bands, books, magazines, films, songs, etc:

    a) I don’t have an Apple computer.

    b) Do you like the One Direction song, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’?

    c) Have you read the Twilight books?

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