How do you learn languages? How do you learn languages? Do you use a certain method? Audio learning? Reading? Skype? Classes? What do you do to learn a language?
Apr 30, 2014 3:24 AM
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  Marisha, I propose the following.


    Listen to some recordings of the language  so that you  know the sounds.


    Listen to some songs  from the languge, and practice  singing them.

After you learn how to pronounce the sounds of the language,  study the materials that are used to teach that language to children.  Learn the vocabulary and practice the pronunciation.


    That is a beginning. 


    Practicing with a  chat partner on Skype,  can be effective, or it may be ineffective for you,  depending upon the knowledge and skill of the person you choose to practice with.


  If the partner or you,  expect for you to engage in spontaneous dialogue  both will probably be disappointed.  If you have a  printed text for study, to read together  and discuss, you will probably learn something.



May 2, 2014

It depends at wich level of the language knowledge you are.
If you are at intermediate level you can read, watch movies (with subtitles in that language), talk to at least same level people, refresh grammar knowledge, use specific language study/improvment web sites.

If you are a beginner, first you have to use a basic grammar book, study sentences (for word knowledge) and then start reading and translating some sentences from and to the language you are studying. Then you can listen to simple dialogues (written phrases or scenes with subtitles). After all you can talk to people.


Thank you Mario for the link, it's very interesting (especially 'how to improve vocabulary).

May 2, 2014

Simple secret is passion about your targeted language.

April 30, 2014
I see you're learning Spanish. Spanish Pimsluer approach is very good beginning. After that you could find some books the read in Spanish. Right now I am using FSI language course and I repeat pimsluer again
April 30, 2014
Right now I am learning Arabic with a very good friend via skype, and am trying to learn Korean through whatever practice I can get, mostly watching tv and listening to music and trying to hear words. Recently in both, I have begun to understand tiny words amidst a whole bunch of things that I don't understand, but which gives me insight into what's being said. For example, I was watching a show where these people were going through a sort of military training and they were out in the snow and suddenly I noted one of them said heundeuro which means "shaking" so that was pretty cool. I use youtube a lot for learning the scripts. That's how I learned Hangul and helped a lot in learning Arabic. During school, I had used Rosetta Stone to learn French and it worked great, but I have since forgotten much of what I knew because of lack of use. Another thing that I do for korean is read the Hangul lyrics of Kpop (because I can read it but not understand) and then lookup the translation and see if I can understand any of it.
April 30, 2014
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